OUR KEY FEATURES Enhance customer engagements

Enhance customer engagements

Prospur helps you listen to and communicate better with customers using resources they’re most comfortable with. Social media insights and integration keep you connected, relevant and customer focused, while building your brand, voice and expanding your community.

OUR KEY FEATURES Sales management

Sales management

Our clients have been choosing Prospur for several reasons including reliability, latest technologies, constant updates and support

OUR KEY FEATURES Marketing management

Marketing management

Lead generation marketing tools help you target campaigns towards the people that have the most interest in your products and services.


Social media

Prospur seamlessly connects all the social media apps you use every day, like Facebook and Twitter and automates your work on them.



Prospur easily integrates with all types of productivity services such as Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to help support each step of your business journey.

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Why Choose Prospur?

Retain more customers

Prospur is all about building closer ties to the customers you already know. Detailed analysis of customer feedback mixed with interactive communication tools and personalized tools helps you better understand your customers, their needs and how to best address them.

Partner with us

Expand your business

Prospur not only helps you find the most promising leads, but it also helps them find you. Easy-to-use market and lead management tools help you design effective targeted campaigns and high-quality responses to customers old and new.

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Our Pricing Plans

Choose the best deal for the best experience

To help you recover in these trying times, we are offering a "pay what you can" plan. This offer is valid for 6 months. Please use the drop down list to make a selection.

$79 / mo


for your first month


for your first month
    1 Account, Storage, Sales dashboard, Marketing management, Integrations
$99 / mo


for your first month


for your first month
    2 Accounts, Storage, Social Media insights, Auto content posting, Social media conversations
$149 / mo


for your first month


for your first month
    5 Accounts, Storage, Sales dashboard, Marketing management, Integrations